I collaborate with clients through the whole process, so that their website feels like a great reflection of their business, church, or non-profit.

Here’s a quick overview of the process:

  1. FREE CONSULTATION:  I meet with you (in-person, Skype, phone) to discover your goals for your new website, how you want to manage content, and to establish a timeline/contract.
  2. INITIAL DRAFT:  Client pays 50% up front and provides initial content for website.  I get to work and create an initial draft of the new website.
  3. TOUCH POINT:  We reconnect (in-person, Skype, or phone) to ensure that you like where things are headed and to provide a chance for you to provide additional input.
  4. REVISIONS:  I work through several revisions and you make sure to give me all the content you want in your site at the launch.
  5. FINALIZATION:  I present the finished draft of the website and you test it out.
  6. TRAINING:  I provide training so that you can update your blog or edit content on your own.
  7. LAUNCH:  Your website goes live!  (And client pays the second 50%).
  8. SUPPORT:  I am available for one year for tech support and troubleshooting (included in price).